Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Memorial Weekend Peninsula Wedding

For our May 26th event, Kristy and Joe planned a wedding that was rich in local history and landmarks. The ceremony was at St. Jospeph's Mapleton Catholic Church which is located on Old Mission Peninsula.

After the ceremony the wedding party traveled to the Old Mission Lighthouse photos. This landmark, with its unique beach setting, is one of our favorite sites to visit when we have a wedding on the peninsula.

The couple chose another historical landmark for their reception, Bowers Harbor Inn. Guests enjoyed a cocktail hour on the front patio area that incorporated wonderful views of the bay and the beautiful grounds .

The Bride and Groom received their guests in the backyard of the Inn under a large , beautifully decorated tent. Beneath the tent, guests were protected from the rain that finally came that evening. Everyone gathered around the couple for the cutting of their very impressive cake. Later our Groom and his groomsmen serenaded our lovely bride.
~~Cathy, BlogMaster

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