Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Charlevoix Beach Beach Wedding

It was a beautiful Thursday afternoon on the shores of Lake Michigan, just south of Charlevoix, in Northern Michigan. We were there for the wedding of Nicolette and Jason. Using a wonderful beach house as their base of operation, Nicolette and Jason planned a smaller more intimate family wedding out on the beach. The house itself, with its spacious decks and woodland setting made the perfect casual and relaxed reception area. The home also had a wonderful garden area that was just perfect for photos.

Even with all the hours of planning that go into a wedding, sometimes things do not go exactly as planned. But that is O.K. These are the things that you will remember the most. In planning a beach wedding a few things that can go against you is the weather. Strong wind, hot sun, rain, that sort of thing. Or losing the rings in the sand. We do a lot of beach weddings and had seen the first three but never the rings!!!

Yes.... our groom was not joking when he went to his pocket for the rings and they were not there. Everyone thought it was a joke at first, but when the reality hit a few tears started to flow. But Grandma came to the rescue as she took off her wedding ring to give to her granddaughter to use. It was a very special moment.

Our couple completed the ceremony and became husband and wife. They had some spectacular beach photos taken and yes, the ring were found!

Best wishes for many years of happiness.

Northern Michigan Wedding Photography

Wedding on a Charlevoix Beach

Beach Wedding

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