Monday, December 21, 2009

July Wedding at the Grand Traverse Resort and Spa

The Grand Travese Resort and Spa in Traverse City is one of Northern Michigan's premier wedding venues. The beautiful grounds which offers many diffent oudoor ceremony sites as well as a beach location, draws many couples to the area for their wedding.

Christy and Marc had planned to use the resorts pavillion for both their wedding ceremony and oudoor evening reception. Unfortuately, the weather for July was to say the least, very unusual. It was cool and rainy that day the wedding and reception had to be moved inside. But with the capable staff of the Resort this was no problem.

Indeed, if you have to go with Plan B, there is no better place than the Grand Traverse Resort.

The ceremony was held on the 17th floor, which is an area at the top of the hotel tower. It is an open loft area with large expanses of glass that offers a beathtaking view of the Grand Traverse Bay and Old Mission penisula. The reception was moved into one of the many ball rooms and looked spectacular.

After dinner and special dances, it was time to get the party started. Everyone joined in and it seem that everyone at the reception was on the dance floor. We got some great shots. The kides were especially happy when the candy table opened up...Adults too!!

Christy and Marc, as they say took lemons and made lemonade as the day was a blast and they partied late into the evening.

We wish them the best!!

Wedding at the Grand Traverse Resort and Spa

Travese City Wedding

Wedding Photography by Purcell Photography

Traverse City Wedding Photography

Wedding Reception at the Grand Traverse Resort

Photography by Purcell Photography

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Charlevoix Beach Beach Wedding

It was a beautiful Thursday afternoon on the shores of Lake Michigan, just south of Charlevoix, in Northern Michigan. We were there for the wedding of Nicolette and Jason. Using a wonderful beach house as their base of operation, Nicolette and Jason planned a smaller more intimate family wedding out on the beach. The house itself, with its spacious decks and woodland setting made the perfect casual and relaxed reception area. The home also had a wonderful garden area that was just perfect for photos.

Even with all the hours of planning that go into a wedding, sometimes things do not go exactly as planned. But that is O.K. These are the things that you will remember the most. In planning a beach wedding a few things that can go against you is the weather. Strong wind, hot sun, rain, that sort of thing. Or losing the rings in the sand. We do a lot of beach weddings and had seen the first three but never the rings!!!

Yes.... our groom was not joking when he went to his pocket for the rings and they were not there. Everyone thought it was a joke at first, but when the reality hit a few tears started to flow. But Grandma came to the rescue as she took off her wedding ring to give to her granddaughter to use. It was a very special moment.

Our couple completed the ceremony and became husband and wife. They had some spectacular beach photos taken and yes, the ring were found!

Best wishes for many years of happiness.

Northern Michigan Wedding Photography

Wedding on a Charlevoix Beach

Beach Wedding

Wedding Photography by Purcell Photography

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

We first met Brianna and Marc along with their mothers last fall. We had the opportunity to get to know our couple a little better when we did their engagement session out on Old Mission Peninsula at the lighthouse. What a great couple. Briamma was just a sweetheart and Marc, a sharp, witty and very nice young man. we knew that doing their wedding was going to be a lot of fun. It was!

In downtown Traverse City, sitting on the Grand Traverse Bay, is the Maritime Academy and the Hagerty Center. Bright sunshine and and beautiful blue water greeted us when we arrived at the Hagerty Center. This location provides a private outdoor ceremony site, with the gorgous bay as your background.

After a very touching ceremony our newlyweds greeted their guest in the glass walled lobby where they then enjoyed cocktails and hors d' oeuvres. During this time, the couple and their wedding party traveled by limo to Hannah Park in downtown Traverse City. With the Boardman River in the background we shot some great photos of everyone.

After a short ride everyone arrived back at the Hagerty Center for the introduction of the bridal party. What can I say! If you can't have fun on your wedding day, when can you! Our groom had his groomsmen "fly" into the reception( did I mention that Marc is a pilot) while he "shot" them down to the music from "Top Gun"! Not to be outdone, our ladies sported cowboy hats and rope lassos, and to the song of " Save a Horse, Ride a cowboy" roped and tied that groom and handed him off to his bride.

After best man and Maid of Honor toasts and two very touching toasts from the fathers, the festivities moved on to the first dances. Our groom and his mother dances to a song I had never heard used before for this occasion, Guns and Roses " Sweet Child Of Mine"! You just had to be there. I will never forget it.

We had a wonderful time. Best wishes for what we know will be a very bright future.

Wedding at Hagerty Conference Center, Northwestern Michigan College

Hagerty Conference Center, Traverse City

Traverse City Maretime Museum

Wedding at the Hagerty Center in Traverse City