Monday, October 6, 2008

Luke and Laura get married at the Grand Traverse Resort and Spa

The Pavillion Tent at the Grand Traverse Resort and Spa was the ceremorey site for Luke and Laura (you remember their soap opera don't you? :-)

It was a loveley day and our bride was lovley as well. It is so nice to be ath the Resort because of all the different photo opportunities. We took full advantage of this before and after the ceremony going around to all our favorite spots.

The Pavillion which is a covered area behind the Resort was where the ceremony was held and the officiant was the groom's brother. It certainly added a nice touch because he was able to personalize the ceremony.

It was a gorgeous evening and after dinner our couple agreed we should take more pictures around the resort, thus we got some great shots during the "golden time" just prior to sunset.

Laura and Luke were great to work with and ended up with many awesome photos.

Our best to Them!!!!

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