Thursday, September 18, 2008

Lake Michigan and Frog Pond Village in Interlochen

Kris and Jim got Married!!

Camp Arcadia, set on the shores of Lake Michigan, is a Lutheran Family Retreat. This location has been a special place for our bride Kris and her family and became even more meaningful when Kris and Jim were united there on August 11th.

The beach area was set up for Kris and Jim's beautiful outdoor wedding. The ceremony was made even more special due to the fact that her father and brother, both Lutheran ministers, conducted the ceremony.

Jim and Kris met in Texas, the home state of our groom. Friends and family that traveled from Texas were treated to some of the most beautiful scenery northern Michigan has to offer.

The couple then moved from a gorgeous shoreline setting to a more woodland setting by choosing Frog Pond Village in Interlochen, Michigan for their reception. All of the guests enjoyed both locations on a picture perfect day.

We wish our newlyweds the very best and many years of happiness.

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