Monday, July 7, 2008

Robyn and Chris

Omena Presbyterian Church, founded in 1858, is located in the small resort community of Omena, Michigan on the Leelanau Peninsula. The little white church has served as a landmark and place of worship for 150 years. It was the quaint setting for Robyn and Chris's wedding ceremony on June 28.

After the ceremony, guests were shuttled to the brides parents beautiful home a short distance away in Northport, Michigan. Located at the very tip of the Leelanau Peninsula, the home offered a wonderful woodland setting as well as a spectacular beach venue on the shore of Lake Michigan.

The dinner reception area looked absolutely stunning. Wedding and Event coordinator Allison Beers and her staff transformed the area into an elegant outdoor dining area. It seemed that no detail was overlooked, with a fantastic color scheme of hot pinks, orange and lime the area really popped. Beautiful and elegant floral arrangements completed the look.

But there was more! Our couple chose to set up a separate area looking out over the water for their guests to first enjoy cocktails and hors d' oeuvres. Later it served as a dance area complete with pink and green lanterns to light the night. Everyone had a wonderful time dancing to the music and helping the couple celebrate their very special day.

Our very best to Robyn and Chris.

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Anonymous said...

Robyn, i am so happy for u and chris. at the ceromony i have to admit i cried every single second. love u lots,
your very close friend