Monday, May 14, 2007

Saturday at Crystal Mountain

Saturday was gorgeous and we traveled to Crystal Mountain for Jennifer and Andy's wedding. It was apparent that the couple put a great deal of time and thought into their wedding and all of their efforts really paid off as it was gorgeous.

The rings were misplaced for a short time, but no need to panic. They were found safe and sound a short time later. Our Bride looked stunning, especially wearing the beautiful set of pearls that were a special gift from the Groom.

Before the ceremony, everybody climb on a bus and we traveled to a cherry orchard and to Lake Michigan for some fantastic shots that you can only get here in beautiful northern Michigan.

The marriage was an outside ceremony on the lawn in front of the gazebo. The colors were a chocolate brown and sky blue combination. This theme was carried through out the ceremony and reception. We was impressed with all the details. From the coffee bean candle centerpieces for the coctail tables, to the blue candies on the candy buffet table, everything was perfect. The Bride and Groom wanted a fun and relaxed feeing for themselves and their guests.

Adirondack chairs were an important part of their wedding theme. The wedding cake, the place card holders, napkin holders were all part that idea.

Congratulations to Jenny and Andy

~~Cathy, of Purcell Photography

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